TSCM, Bug Sweeping & Eavesdropping Detection

Lexington Kentucky TSCM Services

Investigative Consultants, Inc. provides a wide range of professional and affordable Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services for a variety of purposes and to a wide range of businesses, corporations, agencies, organizations, as well as other professional and private clients. Our TSCM bug detection services are available in and around the Lexington area and throughout the entire state of Kentucky.


Our TSCM, Bug sweeps, audio surveillance counter-measures and eavesdropping detection services can be conducted for many types of situations and virtually any location.


Our Kentucky TSCM Professionals Look For:

  • Listening devices in offices and board rooms
  • Hidden microphones in homes
  • Bugs on telephone, data & fax lines
  • Listening Bugs in electrical outlets
  • Microphones hidden in walls, ducts & ceilings
  • Hidden recorders in vehicles, boats & aircraft

Our Kentucky TSCM operatives are all state licensed private investigators who are extensively trained and experienced in detecting hidden bugs and other listening devices in offices, board rooms, private residences, vehicles, planes and vessels for all types of situations.


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If you are outside of Kentucky, call us nationwide toll-free: 1-800 901 8885


Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0724 (Robert Berberich)

Kentucky Private Investigators License: KYPI-0070 (Diane Patterson)